50 Amazing and Everyday Uses for Aspirin

Almost everyone knows about aspirin’s value towards those suffering from headaches and migraines, but the compound also known as salicylic acid carries with it a vast number of other benefits as well. In both the home and in medicine alike, this veritable wonder drug does everything from prevent wallpaper from yellowing to slowing the spread of HIV. Of course, many of these health hacks still require a bit of further testing to confirm or deny – though people still ought to keep aware of the progress that science is making when it comes to discovering aspirin’s potential. Please keep in mind that any discussions of medical advantages are not intended to be taken as professional advice, and because of aspirin’s side effects (including stomach ulcers and ringing in the ears) a doctor or nurse should always be consulted before committing to its regular use. Anyone with a sensitivity or allergy to salicylic acid should dismiss ingestion entirely.

1.  Acne Masks : Smashing an uncoated aspirin and mixing it with water (and a bit of cleanser if preferred) can help individuals with oily skin fight acne and dry their faces out. However, those with normal or dry skin ought not partake more than once a week lest they lose too much moisture.

2. Preserve Cut Flowers : Anyone hoping to keep fresh cut flowers beautiful on a table or in a windowsill would do well to drop in a tab or two of aspirin in the water.

3. Spackle : Small holes left in the wall can be filled with a simple paste comprised of a few aspirin and water.

4. Remove Sweat Stains: Two soluble aspirin dissolved in water and left to sit on perspiration stains for a couple of hours will help remove them when finally washed, though this solution works best on white clothing.

5. Relieve Insect Wounds : Wet the affected area and rub a small aspirin over the skin to help control and relieve the pain associated with mosquito bites and bee, wasp, or hornet stings. The acne mask works as well.

aspirin26. Cure Dandruff : Crushing 2 aspirin and incorporating them into a shampooing ritual will help reduce the presence of dandruff if left on for a couple of minutes. Do not do this too often lest the skin on the scalp dry up too much, however.

7. Stave Off Cancer and Strokes : The benefits of aspirin as a deterrent to heart disease has been well-publicized, if debated. However, research also suggests that it may also help reduce the spread of certain cancers and prevent the impact of strokes as well.

8. Remove Warts : Many blogs and websites discuss the virtues of using aspirin to cur warts, but only this one provides a quick recipe using a few tablets and apple cider vinegar as a workable poultice. Others suggest duct-taping a tablet to the affected area as well.

9. Aid Fertility : Studies have shown that a blend of aspirin and other medications may help increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.

10. Prevent Alzheimer’s : More research needs to be done on the subject, of course, but some early studies notice a correlation between aspirin and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders.

11. Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy : While taking aspirin during pregnancy requires quite a bit of attention and care to prevent issues, research suggests that it could help women by lowering their chances of high blood pressure problems by 10% – which helps both mother and child.

12. Remove Nicotine and Grass Stains : Light skin staining from nicotine and grass can be wiped away with a blend of aspirin and a bit of water. Let it sit for around 15 minutes before washing it all off.

13. Exfoliate : The chemical properties of aspirin are frequently used as ingredients in commercial exfoliates anyways, and using a blend of the tablets and water can help slough off dead skin cells for much cheaper.

14. Keep White Clothes White : Dropping an aspirin tablet into a load of white laundry helps prevent them from yellowing with time, age, and exposure.

15. Relieve Psoriasis : Moderate doses of aspirin can help alleviate some of the inflammation and discomfort associated with psoriasis.

16. Healing Pierced Cartilage : Small scars and bumps can sometimes result when piercing the cartilage in the nose and ears, but a simple poultice of lemon juice and uncoated aspirin applied two or three times a day can reduce them significantly.

17. Cure a Toothache : The ever-versatile aspirin paste makes for a worthwhile venue for relieving tooth and gum aches before a dentist can be consulted.

18. Remove Ingrown Hairs : The instructions may discuss toe hair specifically, but a combination of warm water and aspirin paste helps individuals remove painful ingrown hairs with relative ease.

19. Clean Up Soap Scum : Aspirin paste can wipe up lingering soap scum in bathtubs, sinks, and other washbasins, but it is not economical for larger jobs.

20. Combat Shingles :L One of many dermatological marvels to be found in aspirin involves blending two tablets and 2 tablespoons of chloroform together to relieve the pain and itchiness associated with shingles.

21. Reducing Rosacea : Some research suggests that small doses of aspirin could possible reduce the reddening and flushing that results from rosacea.

22. Help Prevent Miscarriages : For women experiencing multiple miscarriages due to blood clotting near the placenta, a cocktail of aspirin and Heparin may assist them in carrying a child to term.

23. Boosting Car Batteries : Allegedly, a couple of aspirin tablets dropped into a dead battery will revive it long enough to putter to the nearest service station. However, doing so will destroy the battery in the process.

24. Prevent Hair Discoloration : Create a solution comprised of 6 to 8 soluble aspirin in a glass of warm water and leave it in the hair for 10 to 15 minutes in order to preserve dyed hair or prevent discoloration from swimming in chlorinated pools.

25. Fungicide : Aspirin dissolved in a liter of water can help plants fight off fungal infections if delicately applied. The solution – or just tabs of aspirin themselves – also helps stave off fungal growths in newer plants as well.

26. Reduce Pregnancy Complications : Specific research still needs to be done, but a few studies suggest that women partaking of very small amounts of aspirin may lower their risk of pregnancy complications if they suffer from pre-eclampsia or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.

27. Relieve Asthma : One study revealed that women over the age of 45 reduced their risk of contracting asthma by 10% if they took 100 milligrams of aspirin every day. Those already suffering from the symptoms may find some relief with regular use as well.

28. Art : Channel inner creativity by taking advantage of aspirin’s crystalline structure, which may make for a surprisingly lovely holiday ornament.

29. Remove Bathtub Rings : Like soap scum, aspirin can remove the cleanser stains, dead skin cells, body fluids and oils, and other components of a bathtub ring when blended into a simple paste.

30. Kill Arthritis Pain : Though potentially dangerous when combined with other medications, doctors have been prescribing low doses of aspirin to alleviate arthritis pain for decades.

31. Prevent Plants from Drying Out : Popping an aspirin into the soil of a potted plant will help keep much-needed moisture in and keep it from dehydrating in the hot summer months.

32. Soothe Painful Stretchmarks : Delicately apply aspirin paste to painful stretchmarks for around 5 minutes as a means of reducing the inflammation.

33. Pesticide : Smashing up a few aspirin and mixing it with cornstarch results in a powder that helps stave off (though not entirely eliminate) an influx of pesky insects in gardens and around a home’s perimeter.

34. Desiccant : A couple of aspirin tablets placed in a closet or bathroom can soak up excess moisture in the air and help prevent damage from mold.

35. Make an Anti-Fungal Powder : Those suffering from athlete’s foot or other fungal condition may be interested in learning how to blend crushed aspirin and talcum powder together in order to make it disappear.

36. Relieving Ingrown Toenails : 20 aspirin dissolved in a bathtub full of warm water can help relieve the swelling, itchiness, and pain that come from an ingrown toenail.

37. Keep Christmas Trees Healthy : Similar to extending the life of fresh-cut flowers, dropping a couple of aspirin tablets in Christmas tree water helps keep the piney decoration fresher for longer.

38. Doily : One intrepid craft fanatic found a way to create an aesthetic doily made of aspirin and hot glue for a project.

39. Breaking in Cast Iron : Instead of using flour to break in a new piece of cast iron cook wear, try using crushed aspirin for a couple of days.

40. Reduce Razor Bumps and Burns : Uncoated aspirin whipped up with a bit of glycerin and water makes a handy substance to alleviate the painful and itchy bumps that pop up while shaving.

41. Prevent Wallpaper from Yellowing : While it would take quite a bit of aspirin to help reduce yellowing on a large patch of wallpaper, small areas can benefit from its whitening properties.

42. Inhibiting HIV : More research is obviously very necessary, but many studies have shown that aspirin may potentially unlock more information on how to cure HIV and AIDS due to its ability to pause the former’s replication.

43. Hide a Hickey : Rubbing an aspirin solution and rinsing it off should help remove smaller hickeys, though larger ones will likely need a bit of concealer.

44. Alleviate Sunburn : Pastes made from finely crushed aspirin and a bit of water can help soothe the pain associated with sunburn. Only adults should try this method, however.

45. Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s : Research shows that women who partook of two or more aspirin a week for one month lowered their chances of coming down with Parkinson’s Disease by about 40%.

46. Treat Colon Cancer : Patients suffering from colon cancer face a staggering 29% increase in survival and 21% chance of surviving other complications with regular aspirin use, though further studies are necessary.

47. Quell Behavior Problems : A 2009 study made note of a possible correlation between women who took very low doses of aspirin to stave off miscarriage or premature labor and a reduction in behavior issues by the time their children turned 5.

48. Remove Egg Stains : Among many other things, aspirin is also handy for removing egg stains from clothing when mixed with lukewarm water and cream of tartar and left sitting for half an hour.

49. Help Treat Calluses : A paste of lemon juice and aspirin exfoliates and wears down calluses when allowed to sit before being washed off with warm water.

50. Clean Small Rust Spots : While not an economical solution for larger instances of rust stains, small ones left behind by shaving cream cans or razors can be wiped up with a bit of crushed aspirin on a wetted surface if left to sit for 10 minutes.

Though none of the medical-related entries are meant as professional advice, these aspirin hacks still inform people as to possible directions where aspirin may be taking the health industry. Beyond the clinic and laboratory, however, the drug boasts many valuable household uses as well. For only pennies per pill, individuals can fight off warts, calluses, acne, and other blemishes in addition to cleaning stubborn stains and signs of wear and tear – making it an extremely economical solution to a number of different issues that crop up in daily life.

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