Top 100 Natural Birthing Blogs

The natural, unassisted, and freebirth movement is growing in America and below are the 100 best blogs, sites, resources, and tools to teach you all about the natural way.

Best Natural Birth Informational Blogs

Visit the below to get a variety of advice from people who have been down this road.

1. Giving Birth Naturally: Their mission is to help each woman make informed decisions and to improve outcomes for the childbearing women various professionals serve. Get a ton of resources in addition to the blog, including online classes, birth videos, home birth information, and much more.

2. True Birth: This community of bloggers share the latest news and updates on all forms of child birth. Get information on birthing, health, read the editorials, or submit a work of your own on this massive and informative site.

3. Pushed Birth: Are you a new mother or just someone curious about drug free birth? Then visit this site for tips on this method, its pros and cons, along with many common questions.

4. Bornfree!: Laura believes that when it comes to childbirth, if you wan the job done right…do it yourself. Visit here for information on unassisted childbirth, dozens of videos, and more related information.

5. BirthNetwork National: This site is dedicated to providing parents will all of their birthing options and keep a regularly updated blog. You can also find a chapter in your area, locate a provider, or become a member.

6. Better Birth: Mary is a birth activist and passionate about making every birth the best it can be. Visit here for the latest stories and reviews on childbirth, along with her opinion.

7. Fearless Birth: This blog concentrates on advocating and empowering women to take birth back. A recent entry dealt with a rebuttal to the ban of vaginal birth after c-sections.

8. Spinning Babies: This is a unique, step-by-step approach to Optimal Fetal Positioning. Learn how to accomplish this through simple positions and techniques that are useful for both natural and traditional births.

9. Hathor the Cow Goddess: Mothers of both natural and traditional child birth will enjoy this comic strip for its humorous depictions of all aspects of motherhood. Entries date all the way back to 2002, and many are on DIY mothering and homebirth.

10. Birth Activist: Visit here for information on labor and birth, hospital births, videos, opinions, and more. Many entries deal with the debate on various aspects of birthing, including natural.

11. Stand and Deliver: Dr. Freeze has a PhD in American Studies and specializes in the modern unassisted birth movement. Her blog focuses on pregnancy, birth, and mothering.

12. Active Birth Centre: Janet Balaskas pioneered the concept of active birth, which is for the woman to move spontaneously and be led by her body, adopting upright positions during labor and birth. Get entries for pregnancy yoga, birth pool in a box, and professional training.

13. Spirit-Led Birth: Susana inspires women to apply faith to their childbirth. Many posts deal with homebirth and free birth.

14. Looking Glass Alice: Visit here for this birthing advocate’s view on parenting and culture, along with a little harsh language. Posts include freebirth, c-sections, and much more.

15. Mother’s Choice: Heidi is a mother of two who is enthusiastic about natural child birth. She often posts on studies, birth stories, and addressing fears on natural birth.

Best Natural Birthing Stories

Visit here for true life accounts of parents who have experienced all sorts of natural child birth.

16. Women in Charge: This blog is here to empower and encourage women to take charge of their bodies, their babies, and their births. Get stories on the amazing births, along with pictures of the newborns.

17. Childbirth Complications & Pregnancy Issues: Part of BlogHer, this community of women blog on all things related to childbirth. Read the various posts on all sorts of topics, ask a question, or submit a post of your own.

18. Childbirth Connection: This is where expectant parents and health professionals can connect to exchange information. Along with quotes from mothers, get a ton of resources on labor, VBAC, the rights of childbearing women, and much more.

19. BirthNaturally’s Weblog: Laura is a mother who was frustrated with traditional birthing methods, so she changed to natural methods. Visit here for her tips on preparing for a natural birth, inspirational stories, as well as her own personal experiences.

20. Refuse To Be A Womb Pod: VBACwarrior had a c-section for her first child and a vaginal birth for her second. Learn why she believes cesarean birth can be the wrong choice in her opinion and learn more about her story.

21. Empowering Birth Blog: This blogger had a homebirth after a cesarean and it renewed her trust in birth. Read about how her kids are doing along with descriptions of the birthing process itself.

22. Crunchy Domestic Goddess: Amy is a mother living in Colorado who is passionate about home birth, natural family living, and other “crunchy” things. Get information natural birth, health, and much more.

23. Ladybell: Melbourne Mum decided to have her second child as a water birth. Read the story, complete with slideshow or read about how they are doing now.

24. Organic Birth: Toni and John believe that birthing is as instinctive as breathing. Get stories on their own experiences, along with the latest news in childbirth.

25. Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies: Visit here to read over 200 stories on hypnosis, home birth, VBAC, and more. You can even get photos and videos here.

26. Have a Natural Childbirth: This blog was created by a coalition of doulas, midwives, and other advocates to help you explore and discover the joys of natural childbirth. Get true life accounts of natural births, along with the debunking of myths.

27. The Trial of Labor: This blogger has had a number of miscarriages and is a believer in natural childbirth, whose beliefs have changed as she becomes more aware and educated with regard to American childbirth practices. She regularly blogs on advocacy, childbirth, ICAN, and VBAC.

28. Pregnancy at Café Mom: Got a question on natural birth for a mom just like you? Then visit here to join the many pregnancy groups, ask your questions, post your pictures, and more.

Best Hypnosis Birth Blogs

These experts and mothers prefer hypnosis as opposed to traditional drugs and birthing methods.

29. Enjoy Birth Blog: Sheridan is a hypnosis expert and the mother of three boys. She shows other mothers how to enjoy their pregnancy and birth giving through hypnosis and other natural birth methods, and you can even get a video of her own hypno-birth.

30. Hypnobabies Blog: Expectant mothers can come here to read the experiences of others who have birthed babies through hypnosis. Get product reviews, a free CD, or even post your own story.

31. Canberra Natural Birth HypnoBirthing Blog: This center is located in Australia and contains updates on natural birth and hypnosis. Learn more about what they do, and be sure to check out the video on questions you should ask your birth caregiver.

32. Susan Bambara: Often seen on the Oprah show, Susan is a nationally renowned hypnotist. Visit here for the latest in news, more about hypnosis, or even be a participant.

33. Birthing Stories: Read the true life accounts of parents who used the hypnobirth method to bring their child into the world. In addition, you can learn more about this method, get a practitioner directory, or visit the Q & A forum.

34. HypnoBirthing Blog: Katharine is a teacher at the HypnoBirthing Centre in the United Kingdom. Posts stopped a while ago, but those that remain cover the basics of hypnobirth, its side effects, and what to expect.

35. Hypnosis Download : Mark makes many hypnosis downloads available on his blog. You can get them for health, pain relief, phobias, relaxation, or even subscribe to the podcast.

36. Hypnosis for Women’s Health: Women can find a ton of hypnosis resources on this blog, including hypnobirth. You can also find categories on fertility, menopause, and many other health topics.

37. Hypnosis for Birth: Nancy believes that hypnosis can support and empower women to create lives they love through the changes and births in their lives. Although a short blog, you can learn more about her philosophy or even send in a question of your own.

Best Midwife Blogs

Often utilized in natural births, read the blogs of those who do this for a living.

38. Navelgazing Midwife: Barb is a midwife living in San Diego and shares her experiences as a midwife, woman, mother and spouse. If you can get past the racy photos, you will enjoy this upfront and tell all blog.

39. Midwife Q & A: Midwives from across the country come together on this site to answer a variety of reader’s questions. Search through the past archives or submit a question of your own.

40. Pama Midwife: Pamela has posted nearly 400 entries on who she is and what she does. Get her opinion on blue bulb syringes, prenatal visits, midwives, and much more.

41. Midwife with a Knife: This blog chronicles the life and times of a young old-fashioned obstetrician. Get real life stories of child birth from an expert, including natural methods.

42. Birthfriend: This blogger has been catching babies for 14 years as a direct entry midwife and is attending the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. Get tips and information on homebirth, breastfeeding, and other related topics.

43. Homebirth: Midwife Mutiny in South Australia: Lisa is a midwife who covers every aspect of homebirth. Get information on breech birth, resuscitation, homebirth dads, and more on this blog.

44. Gloria Lemay: Gloria is a childbirth activist and a contributing editor of “Midwifery Today Magazine.” Visit her blog to get the latest in childbirth news, along with her opinion.

45. Village Midwife: Joy has been a midwife since 1973 and is mother to four children. She uses her blog to chronicle her stories and experiences.

46. Midwifery is Catching: Visit here to read the blog of someone following her calling to be a midwife. Popular posts include virtual birth, placenta prints, and what a homebirth costs.

47. Radical Midwife: Lennon believes sane midwifery has become a radical thought. She blogs on many aspects of this field but has a special interest in breech birth and waterbirth.

48. Belly Tales: Although there hasn’t been a new post in a while, you can still find many interesting tales from this newly practicing midwife. Topics include education, midwifery, birth, and much more.

49. Jan Tritten’s Blog: Jan is part of the community for midwives and blogs on many aspects of natural birth. Stop here for information on a birth philosophy, homebirths, and miracles.

Best Doula Blogs for Natural Birthing

In ancient times, a doula was the head female servant of the Greek household who assisted in labor and birth. Today, they are professional labor assistants who work in the home or at a hospital.

50. Vancouver Doula: Since 1987, Jackie has provided doula care to over 800 women and their families at home and in the hospital, and has taught thousands of expectant parents. Learn who a doula is, what she does, answers to common questions, and more.

51. Bellies and Babies: Nicole keeps this blog as her diary of a childbirth educator, doula, mother, and aspiring midwife. In addition to the regular posts, you can also view birthing videos.

52. Pittsburgh Doula Vanessa: Vanessa is passionate about all things birth-oriented and teaches childbirth hypnosis to expectant couples. Get updates on birthing news, tips for breastfeeding, c-sections, and more.

53. Birth, Babies, Breasts: Anjie is a doula and mother to four children, who writes about “power births.” To send in your own story or read more, visit here.

54. Patience, not Pit!: Noelia is an apprentice midwife, teaches Hypnobabies, and is a birth doula. She regularly attends and assists in homebirths and posts about them.

55. Patti Ramos: Patti is a birth doula, photographer, and childbirth educator living in Washington state. She regularly posts pictures, videos, and even commentary from the many families she serves.

56. Karen the Pittsburgh Doula: Karen writes about different topics regarding pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, or whatever has been bouncing around her head. In addition to life as a doula, you can also read about her home life.

57. Radical Doula: Miriam is a writer and reproductive justice activist who works with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and “Feministing.” Posts include information on doulas, midwives, and other birth providers.

58. Sarah the Doula: Sarah is a doula from Ontario and believes it is about nurturing life and love. She regularly blogs on items in the news and gives her viewpoint.

59. Babycatcher 33: This blogger is just months away from her CMRE graduation. She blogs mostly about her daily life, including her birthing education.

60. Doulicia: This mother, labor doula, and non-practicing lawyer lives in the Michigan area. She blogs on her profession, along with knitting and reading.

61. Cooler Doula: This blogger is a mother, a muddler, a writer, and now a doula-in-training from Georgia. Read about her life, children, and other doula related topics.

Best Lamaze Blogs

One of the first names in natural childbirth, read more about this practice below.

62. Giving Birth With Confidence: The authors of “The Official Lamaze Guide” muse about birth and babies. Since 2005, they have written about birth in different cultures, confident birth, home births, and much more.

63. Science and Sensibility: Lamaze International brings you this blog on healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Get tips for breathing exercises, cesarean births, natural birth, and more.

64. When Research is Flawed: Get the latest studies and critiques from Henci Goer, an independent speaker, author, and evidence-based decision-making. Read studies on breech birth, home birth, induction of labor, and much more.

65. Love to Know: Learn everything you need to know about Lamaze from this site. You can also get tons of other pregnancy and health tips.

Best Podcasts and Videos for Natural Childbirth

If you can’t stomach an actual live birth, stick to the radio shows and podcasts. However, there is useful information on natural childbirth and beyond for those who can tolerate a video.

66. Timely Topics in Childbirth: Celesta has spoken for conferences and workshops, including Midwifery Today, Le Letche League International, and the University of California San Diego. Visit here for her latest show, one of which dealt with homebirth versus hospital.

67. Hypnobabies Radio: Join Kerry Tuschhoff every Friday to discover the tranquility of using hypnosis for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Shows focus on parenting tips, release of fear, and real life stories.

68. Bellycast: Visit here for many episodes on natural and painless childbirth. Recent episodes include childbirth education, organic baby food, and an interview with a doula.

69. Bellies to Birthcast: A sister site to the one above, visit here for podcasts on the pinnacles and pitfalls of pregnancy and natural childbirth. Six episodes and counting contain expert interviews, helpful tips, and inspirational stories.

70. A Child Birth: Visit here for different childbirth videos. You can get them on different methods including natural, vaginal birth, and more.

71. HomeBirthVideos: Submit your own video here or get information on others. They range from amateur births to professional documentaries.

72. Video of Birth: Get an array of videos on everything from traditional birth to unassisted. You can also find videos suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

73. Childbirth Video Galleries: Exactly as the title says, visit here for tons of videos of natural child birth. With ten different galleries to choose from, those with strong stomachs can learn what to expect and there is even the option to submit your own video.

74. Rev. Zoe Weston: Rev. Zoe is an anthropologist that specializes in birth culture who gives the most up to date information from experts around the world in natural pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Recent episodes include a handbook for fathers and the culture of baby carrying.

75. Zoe Weston: Hear the stories of Zoe and other mother’s as they give their accounts of their natural child births.

76. Outlaw Births: This British documentary has aired in the UK and United States and follows three women over the course of their pregnancies and includes dramatic footage of the freebirth deliveries themselves. View four clips on their homepage, or the entire thing online.

77. Pregnant in America: This documentary asks the questions of who’s getting rich off of births in America. Get information on screenings, events, view a trailer, or order the video.

78. The Business of Being Born: Executive Producer Ricki Lake brings you this highly regarded documentary on the birthing process. Visit here to rent it online, view the trailer, or join the online community.

79. Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret: This film has been featured in festivals across Europe and the United States. View a trailer, get more information, or purchase the movie in bulk to save.

80. New Mom Coach: Coaches Lesly and Bethany discuss everything new and expectant parents need to know. They discuss many methods of giving birth, including natural and a recent episode discussed how to stay sane in troubling times.

81. Pritty Kat: This show is dedicated to educating parents and caregivers on how to give black children love and self esteem. Be sure to check out the episodes entitled “Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth” for natural childbirth tips.

82. Ask Mom RN Show: Tamara is a nurse and a mother and gives advice to parents on everything from prenatal care to raising happy teenagers. Visit her weekly show to hear her advice, or ask a question of your own.

83. Goddess Roundtable: Discovery how Theta DNA Healing can get rid of fears, regrets, resentments, and grudges. Parents interested in natural childbirth will want to pay special attention to the episode named “Painless Childbirth With The Ultimate Orgasm.”

84. CertifiedHealthNut: Troy Casey is the host of Discovery’s Planet Green. He has over 50 videos on a natural lifestyle, and the series on natural water birth at home is not to be missed.

Best Miscellaneous Childbirth Blogs

Visit here for tons of other natural birth related information.

85. Natural Parenting Forums: This site is ideal for parents who want to take the natural lifestyle beyond birth. You can find forum, articles, and tips for everything from pregnancy to babies to families, with a natural view in mind.

86. Homebirth Debate: Want to hear the other side of the story? Then visit this blog by an OBGYN who uses the blog as a forum for supporters and opponents to debate the safety of homebirth.

87. Mostly True Stories: Working Girl works as a nurse in labor and delivery. She gives a frank look at what goes on behind the doors, along with some humorous, and possibly tall, tales.

88. ICAN Twin Cities Blog: The International Cesarean Awareness Network provided mother-to-mother support for women recovering from cesarean section, hoping to avoid cesarean, or planning vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Visit here to learn more about cesarean birth and get useful links.

89. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: Dr. Whoo is an OBGYN in real life and changes names and places for the sake of privacy. Get an inside look at hospital births by reading this blog.

90. At Your Cervix: If you haven’t guessed by the title, this is the blog of a labor delivery nurse. In additions to battle with her weight and random musings, you can also get real life accounts of what she does.

91. Sarah’s Musings: Although Sarah blogs on a number of things, natural child birth and midwives are often on the list. Recently, she blogged on benefits of water birth.

92. Science Based Parenting: Skeptic Dad is a science enthusiast (not a scientist), who enjoys defending and preserving the truth as it is currently understood. Look for posts on conspiracies, homeopathy, vaccines, and a not too outdated post on Lotus birth.

93. Bill Cosby: Natural Child Birth: Want to hear the lighter side of natural child birth? Then watch this video by this world renowned comic on child birth. A link to the second part is also available.

94. Debra’s Blog: Want to learn more about orgasmic birth? Read the stories of others, submit your own, or get a great deal of related information.

95. Motherlode Blog: Lisa Belkin is a contributing writer for “The New York Times Magazine,” where she frequently writes about family life. In addition to posts on pregnancy, you can get advice for new baby, breastfeeding, stress, and more.

96. Letters from Laura: Visit here for Laura’s musings on life as a freebirth activist, mother, wife, writer, and speaker. She regularly finds the topic on discussion in various television shows and posts her thoughts.

97. Bradley Method: Learn more about this natural birth method on this site. You can also get Dr. Bradley’s birth story, a pregnancy diet, and more related information.

98. Natural Family Blog: Get a ton of tips on living and birthing naturally here, including the Bradley method. You can also read more about the Hatch family, politics, daily life, and more.

99. Free Online Classes and Advice on Pregnancy: This series of classes cover all three trimesters, baby care basics, a VBAC course, and cesarean course.

100. Online Birth Class: Sign up for this free class taught by Robin Weiss, LCCE. Six lessons cover everything from the basics of pregnancy to postpartum depression.

Remember that each mother, baby, and birth are unique, and can require different procedures. Make sure to explore all avenues, including your doctor, before making a natural or unassisted birthing decision.

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